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II International Conference of the ICSR Mediterranean Knowledge Mediterranean Cultures and Societies

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II International Congress of Sociology and Anthropology of Tourism

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IV International Conference on Media Ethics

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Culturdes in Granada

5 March 2016 Comments off

Panel — Knowledge production for cultural heritage management in tourism contexts

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Culturdes at the VI Congress on University and Cooperation for Development

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International Congress “Perverse identities. Identities in conflict”

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1 December 2012 Comments off

VI International conference “University and cooperation for development”

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I International conference on “Intangible heritage” (Elche)

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International conference “Advancing the social science of tourism 2011”

28 June, 2011a1 July, 2011

The research member of CULTURDES Antonio Miguel Nogués will attend the conference Advancing the Social Science of Tourism 2011 held at University of Surrey (United Kingdom) from june 28th through July 1st, with the paper Bored of Blighty? Remain in Spain!’ The chronotope in tourism contexts.

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29 May 2011 Comments off