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Workshop Etnográfico «Património ao desafio»

23 November 2017 Comments off

(Español) Jornadas Dialogando por un Futuro más verde en la Agricultura y el Turismo

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10 December 2015 Comments off

Workshop for training of local agents in cooperation for development in Ecuador

24 October 2014 Comments off

Seminar on Cooperatión for Local Development

4 May 2013 Comments off

Seminar of Coodtur network of researchers in tourism, cooperation and development

7 September 2012 Comments off

Intensive Programme Creole 2012: “Mobilities, economy, work and leisure”

21 July, 2012a30 July, 2012

The research member of CULTURDES Dr. Daniel Carmona Zubiri is delivering a lecture at the INTENSIVE PROGRAMME CREOLE 2012 organized within CREOLE – Cultural Differences and Transnational Processes. A European Joint MA Programme in Social and Cultural Anthropology organizeb by the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology of the University of Ljubljana to be held at Piran (Slovenia) from 21 through 30 of July of 2012.

1 July 2012 Comments off

UNESCO session on cultural heritage

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3 June 2012 Comments off

Working session on “Inventory of intangible cultural heritage in the Valencian region

7 May 2012 Comments off

Joint doctorate programme on “Local and regional development” (SOCREG)

4 October, 2011a6 October, 2011

The research member of CULTURDES Dr. Antonio Miguel Nogués is invited speaker at international seminar in the frame of the Joint Doctorate Programme in Sociology of Regional and Local Development organized by Departament of Theory and Politics of Social Development of the Università degli Studi di Teramo (Italy) and the Departament of Sociology of the University of Zadar (Croacia), and to be held at the School of Political Sciences in the Campus di Coste Sant’Agostino (Teramo) from 4 through 6 October, where is delivering the lecture On the dialogical relations between culture, society and development in tourism contexts: the case of Spain.

14 October 2011 Comments off

Summer school “Studies of migration and mobility in Europe” (MOBILE)

14 August, 2011a27 August, 2011

The research members of CULTURDES Dr. Antonio Miguel Nogués y Drs. Raúl Travé Molero are attending the summer school “Studies of Migration and Mobility in Europe” (MOBILE) organized within the framework of Erasmus Intensive Programmes – one of the Lifelong Learning Programmes (LLP) – and with the support of Fundacja Rozwoju Systemu Edukacji (FRSE), Poland, to be held in Sopot (Poland) from August 14th through 27th, 2011.

29 May 2011 Comments off